Have u heard about kimberly ovitz's label?

Kimberly is a california girl who only dresses in black and white(picture) and has her very own Label 'Kimberly Ovitz.' If you, not much unlike me like drapings, assymetrical jackets like Helmut lang, and love the loose comfortable clothes rather than the thight clothes you should see her collections. Til now she has made a Fall/ winter collection for 2010 which is amazing and a holiday/resort collection that is quite special. Her style reminds me of the warrior we can see at Rodarte, and the comfort and edgyness we can see at Alexander Wang. And those are two of my favourites. So if you like her style and what u see, you should have a look at her E-shop before she get's real hot and expensive.

Source: Elle UK and Kimberly ovitz
Click the collection pictures to enlarge!

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