I love these pictures

Source: fashiontoast, jak and jill, and stockholm streetstyle.

All of them is ispirational, some gives me butterflies, others is just adorable and makes me think about becoming a londoneer. But currently I'm broke and am only working once a week, and i just can't live like this. You can't have a crush on fashion when ur broke. I'll allways buy the latest things late..

Are u broke as well, try this!
- buy only the things that you already have a lot to combine with
- buy the things that you would love the most!
- look throug your old stuff, mothers stuff, grandmother and so.
- buy accessories instead of ful garments/ and outfits.
-find your sewing machine and buy some fabrics;)

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c'est freak, le chic sa...

I love the swollow tattoo - they're so dainty and lovely x