Wine and Friends:)

This is what I did yesterday... eating, drinking and talking. This is also what I'll do today. so now you know:)


New in

Here's some stuff that I just bought. Everything from H&M

5 inch and up

I would like to show u guys one of my favourite fashion bloggers. She has a lot of great photos of her self and is a big inspiration and one I really envy. She is currently living in London but is originally from Finland.. Pictures tells more than words so here u go!

Source: 5inch and up


What we once used to call summer

Here where I live it's been a lousy summer this year. And we have had about one week with warm weather combined with sun. And I was really looking forward for this summer! I'm really glad that I and my friend Elise went to Tenerife and had the time of ur lives cause if not I'd been deeply depressed right now.. How is the weather where u live?

Don't mess with Texas

Source: Italian Elle august 2010
I belive that these picture has soul, you can look at them for a long time because there's much to lay ur eyes on. I especially like pictures 2, 5 and 6. It ain't long before I'll get my tattoo, that might be why I had a lot of pictures with tattoos lately.

Fashion pornography

Source: FGR
Alessandra Ambrossio is always in the hot editorials and I've seen a lot of her lately. This is an "old" editorial from 2009 Vogue.


Walk the streets

source: copenhagen streetstyle
I'm so sorry for my lack of posts this summer. But the weather has'nt been that inspiring and I've been tired alot! I'll try to get better, and take pictures of my outfits, it's just that i've been robbed and don't have my own camera anymore..
Have a nice summer everyone!