Leaving town.

Right now I've started packing some of my stuff, but can't quite figure what to wear or bring. Do you guys want to hear a secret? I've never been to any other place than Sweden and England, and neither of those places has the same clima as Spain. I would really appreciate it and be thankful if you could give me all sorts of tips about my vacation, such as: what to bring, what to do while I'm there and to don't do:) I'm spending to weeks in Tenerife with one of my bff's Elise and I'll try to do some blogging while I'm there!:)

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Hanne sa...

Tips for turen: have fun, og ikkje tenk på at du savna oss her heime, for oss ser du resten av året:)
Goood tur:D

J. sa...

Maxidresses like in the pics is a great way to go, since you can dress them up and down, and bring a few pair of sandals, sunglasses, some sunscreen, and you should be good to go!

Charleston sa...

love your blog x