Asos Black collection

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I just wanted to give you guys a headsup on Asos's new collection. The inspiration for this collection is couture from Paris! And a lot of the dresses and shoes are quite original and lovely, but you should be quick cause a lot of clothes has already gone out of stock. There will be a second launch soon so keep yourselves up to date!

NB: shipping only costs 50kr to norway:)

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Sky Pies sa...

Thank you so much for your lovely lovely comment! I'm off to check out the new asos collection ;).


SANDRA sa...

Hey hey! gosh you are too sweet! :) I'll be aswering some questions on my blog soon! let me know if there is something special you would like to know and I'll add your question to the list!

your blog looks really nice! I'll be back soon...

x sandra

Oda sa...

søøt blogg du har og jeg liker bakgrunnen din^^,

inked sa...

i love it!