Leaving town.

Right now I've started packing some of my stuff, but can't quite figure what to wear or bring. Do you guys want to hear a secret? I've never been to any other place than Sweden and England, and neither of those places has the same clima as Spain. I would really appreciate it and be thankful if you could give me all sorts of tips about my vacation, such as: what to bring, what to do while I'm there and to don't do:) I'm spending to weeks in Tenerife with one of my bff's Elise and I'll try to do some blogging while I'm there!:)


Model of the week

Model: Doutzen kroes
Source: Harpers bazaar UK
Well she looks stunning in a swinsuit and she know's how to work her body( second last picture is a good example.) And her face is Gorgeous.

Dased and confused

Model: Melissa Tammerjin
Source: FGR
I love the fabrics and the way the colours makes those simple outfits look cool. And who would think that pictures taken from a Frog perspective would make a girl look this thin?


Lovely looking Rumi

You can find her in my list --> as Fashiontoast
She actually was my first big inspiration!

Have nothing but the sky.

Source: Fallie( blogspot)


H&M Neon

Source: style with Isabelle
Found this cool bikini at a blog just seconds ago. And it really captured my eyes, and would look wonderful with tanned skin. Maybe after Tenerife?
-Where are you spending your holiday?

Not a fashion mekkah

Model: Tamara Jade
Source: FGR
Hi, I thought that I could tell you what I have done lately. I've spent some time in the sun, threw old objects such as old fashion magazines and put together a chest of drawers. Now I'm looking forward to spending my summer in Tenerife and I will hopefully get myself to Oslo a couple of times. I Have a biig lack of cash and Ii Think that it will be good for me to spend some time at a place where I'll have trouble with shopping instead of spending time in London or another big mekkah of shopping.


Morning beauty

Source: Vogue Nippon

Have a nice day :)

Outfit 05.06.2010

this is how I looked at my sisters wedding and how my boyfriend looked as well:) The dress is from Ricco Vero, His suit from Moods of Norway and the hair looks great thanks to Ida Midthjell.

Portrait; apocalypse

Source: FGR
Tayane leao

Blonde beach.

Source: FGR
I instantly liked these pictures when I saw them! The colours and the model and the background all together made it so powerful.


Sneak peak

I went to my sister's wedding yesterday and I had a lot of fun! It was a wonderful day with a lot of great people! I slept to 14.30 Today so when I woke up the dinner was ready:p There will be more wedding pictures tomorrow.


He's back

The one and only stylish boy is back into The hills, and Audrina's already hooked. He's the ultimate bad boy who has it all; The look, the band, the bike and appeal.



Tommorow I'm having my exam in french! Aaand, I'm basically screwed, but hey! wish me luck:) For the record: here is one awesome blazer which carries the label H&M and it's from the fall collection.


Asos Black collection

Click to enlarge the picture
I just wanted to give you guys a headsup on Asos's new collection. The inspiration for this collection is couture from Paris! And a lot of the dresses and shoes are quite original and lovely, but you should be quick cause a lot of clothes has already gone out of stock. There will be a second launch soon so keep yourselves up to date!

NB: shipping only costs 50kr to norway:)

silver chains

Source: Fashiongonerogue

words of wisdom.

For everything you have missed, you have gained something else, and for everything you gain, you lose something else.