Orange 31.05.10


Long time no see

Outfit: Hat H&M fashion against AIDS,
Top H&M fashion against AIDS, Bra Topshop,
Jeans vero moda, and shoes Topshop.


Changing weather

Outfit: H&M blouse, Voiceofeurope jumpsuit, Zara shoes.

The weather has been very changing here today! When I left for school this morning it was quite nice with 16 degrees and sun.. But in Eid it was a cold breeze that met me. Aand when I was ready to go home at 15.00 it was raining at home and now I'm freakin' wet cause I drove my motorcycle..That's what I call "localweather"


Bought some new stuff

It's just some basics from H&M. But I desided to show it to you guys anyway.

big over big

source: vanessa jackman.


Model: miranda Kerr


Love is in the air

Source: Fashiongonerogue



I've been thinking about getting myself a tattoo for a while now, but I'm not sure about what it will end up looking like. I want to have a text, and either on my back or inside wrist.
-What do you think of tattos`?

Outfit outta bordom.

Heres my outfit for today, can't say it's much:)
what do u think of my new snake ring?


Hard vs. soft

Which side do you chose?
it's about 100 of you guys in every week so start commenting. This is a give and take relationship.

Whitney Port

Here is some inspirational pictures from a beautiful girl named Whitney. I guess that you know her from The city and The hills.
These pictures are big, so click to enlarge.