At sea

Picture taken by: Sigrunn Bjørkeli.

Next week will be filled up with whole-day tests at school, and I'll just have to focus on school. But, I'll try to post something on saturday and sunday! I hope that you guys can give me some feedback while I'm gone! There are after all aproximately 100 of you visiting my blog every week and there is only 2-3 who is commenting. I would like criticism as well as incouragement:)

PS: I think that I have found the dress for my sisters wedding. I'm going to Oslo in next week and will hopefully bring it back for you guys to see:)

Model of the week

Model: Abby Lee K.

models off duty

Kasia Struss

Source: Stockholm streetstyle


Accesorize yourself

I think that I'm not the only one who've fallen for rings like these? this is one of my latest collages. If you would like to know where u can by them just give me a hint. Click to enlarge the picture.
♥ Good night


Source: via FGR, Vogue.

Outfit post

Some outfits I didn't post last week.



Source: found via FGR. Model: Masha Novoselova in Marie Claire ( italian) may 2010.
I Love that she's kind of masculin in these photos, and all of the pictures are strong.

All about summer

Source: TFS
Love the combination of soft pink trousers and a beige tank. Such a great summer outfit! Need to find some similar pants.



source: FGR


Model of the week

Heidi Mount

Source: FGR. in danish magazine.

The picture: I especially like the black and white, and the styling is great! although her face is much the same in all the pictures, I do adore her.


source: found via FGR
summer feelings. just gotta love the balconette bra.


source: JAK AND JIL

reminds me of last year and the heavy metal trend.


Best of 2010

Click to enlarge.