Love it!

Look at the combination of colours and fabrics!
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Anonym sa...

Kjempe fint styla av ?Mary-kate eller Ashley :-o

Maylinn Bjaaland sa...


after dawn sa...

ashley looks stunning! and indeed the colours of the outfit are amazing with the background!

really like your blog btw



anna sofie sa...


Jorunn sa...


hélène sa...

She looks amazing as always! So funny, i also always have a knack for choosing the most expensive stuff - must be the sign of good taste ;)

Thanks for your great feedback on my blog, i always love to know what my readers think! I know that some of my photos are really bad quality, but i'm working on that - I really need to get myself a new camera... And I love your blog too, absolutely gorgeous!

Have a great week :) xx