DIY: Fabric -> vest/scarf

NO: Du tar 1-2 meter stoff, legger det dobbelt, måler opp kor stor armopning du vil ha, og klipper en oval sirkel. Om du har et stoff som rakner så vil eg anbefale å trokle rundt med symaskin, vist ikkje er du ferdig!:)

English: You will need ca. 1-2 m fabric, fold the fabric in half from left to right, measure about six-8 inches down and 6 to the side then cut an eight inch vertical slit. After this you can unfold the fabric and there should be two openings for your arms.
Dette er det du trenger: Målband, saks, spretter. PS: Spretteren trenger du bare om du tar en gammel cardigan.

English: This is the materials you need: Scissor, measuring tape and one strange thing to popp up the seams if you are using an old cardigan.

"how to wear" the new vest / scarf

Idea from the seams:)

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Stine Vikne sa...

Nei, så kult! :-D

britt sa...

Wow! Det var skikkelig kult! :)

Katya sa...

i like this grey vest