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Models off duty #5

Source: altmira.
My blog site is currently fucked up! And I can't see why. So I'll be on a easter break till I've fixed it. In the meantime you can adore this beauty's



Søstera mi Vibecke Engeland har komt videre i brudekonkurransen på Salongbloggen! Og det hadde vore utrulig flott om dokke kunne stemme på ho! Ho har komt til siste runde og det er no det gjelder:)
Hadde vore så flott om vi kunne gje ho noko slikt til gave!

Så om dokke vil stemme på min kjære søster, nr.4 i konkurransen gå inn på linken under.


you've got the love


for en 1000 lapp

Fant to kjoler fra Nelly for nokre dager siden og syntes begge var fine på sin måte. 1. kjolen var litt party/ kvardags( whyred) medan den 2. kjolen var litt søt sommerkjole, perfekt til selskap( Ida sjökvist).

I found two dresses from Nelly and I like both of them in different ways.. The first dress might be perfect as a party/ average day dress(whyred) and the second is cute and will be perfect as a summerdress from Ida sjökvist.


wicked Details

Hot details for spring/summer!
Source: Jak and jil, Knight cat


Dark layering.

I these pictures, but I don't seem to remember where I found this? Well, the combination of colours is nice, and it's not to much but still not boring.. I especially like the second pic, how about you?


Models off duty #4

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source: stockholmstreetstyle.
Pretty girl, nice shoes, outstanding purse and beautiful coat.



Shoes from Balenciaga. Source: Jak and Jill blog.
Look at the shape! seem soo stabile and comfy and are subtil and hot.


Recently bought

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A Necklace from H&M. At first I thought that it might be to much, or nothing special, but with something simple it actually looks great. And I would mix it with a black or grey top or something beige.

Outfit 16.03.10

Der, et outfit innlegg eg er noke lunde fornøgd med! Fikk med det meste av detaljer..men på første bildet syntes eg det virket litt dumt uten sko, så tok skoene og bar dei opp trappa kun for et outfit bilde! Og ja, eg bruker vanlig digital kamera. Klikk på bildene for å forstørre dei!

Here you go! One outfit post that i'm kinda satisfied with, and I think I've shown the most of the details, although my pictures is bad since I'm only using a 8.0 megapixel camera.. Click to enlarge the pictures and I hope you'll see better.

Asymetrisk kunst

Elizabeth and james Leather jacket
source: Knight cat. Click to enlarge.


" put a necklace on it"

Some of these could be a DIY project if I'd get some pearls and some fabric. Click to enlarge.

- I'm sorry for my lack of posts the last couple of days, but I'v been busy with school, and I'v been attending on a photoshoot for a magazine called " Eid Inviterer." It was a lot of fun, and a great experience! I'll post some pictures when I'm allowed to.


Natalia Vodianova

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Models off duty #3

The breathtaking Abby Lee after the Karl Lagerfield show wearing a gorgeous mustard cardigan!Click to enlarge. Source: Altamira


Love it!

Look at the combination of colours and fabrics!
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Accesorize part #1

Here is some of my accesorize. I really like rings, and appreciate good tips from you guys:)

04.03.10 outfit

Today's outfit(closeup)
My camera is kind of outclassed by all the "mirrorreflecs cameras.." Hehe, but I hope it's good enough. Now, i'm kinda tired and ready for the week-end, but if there are somethings you want to know please ask:)


Models off duty

Maryna Linchuk
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Psst: I and my boyfriend had "4 years together" anniversary yesterday


potensiell outfit.

Monki dress, monki bag, jeffery campbell shoes, vintage necklace


DIY: Fabric -> vest/scarf

NO: Du tar 1-2 meter stoff, legger det dobbelt, måler opp kor stor armopning du vil ha, og klipper en oval sirkel. Om du har et stoff som rakner så vil eg anbefale å trokle rundt med symaskin, vist ikkje er du ferdig!:)

English: You will need ca. 1-2 m fabric, fold the fabric in half from left to right, measure about six-8 inches down and 6 to the side then cut an eight inch vertical slit. After this you can unfold the fabric and there should be two openings for your arms.
Dette er det du trenger: Målband, saks, spretter. PS: Spretteren trenger du bare om du tar en gammel cardigan.

English: This is the materials you need: Scissor, measuring tape and one strange thing to popp up the seams if you are using an old cardigan.

"how to wear" the new vest / scarf

Idea from the seams:)