I just wanna say..

Fuck the fashion industry..
There is one thing that has been getting on my nerves lately when it comes to the fashion industry and all it's models. The models are skinny, not everyone anorexic and all the worlds clothes fit them! They can wear oversized,perfectly fittet, and they can even wear clothes that are to small and still look good. This is all because of the industry..
If I deside to wear oversized I look big, if I wear to small I look big, and if I wear perfectly fitted it shows my real figure with love handles and all..And yes, I look boring. Don't get me wrong here: I think that the most of the models looks great, and I don't see myself as fat, but I think that their skinnyness overshadows the multiple others; who use other sizes, are shorter, taller, and bigger.
I love fashion and the inspirasion and cravings just won't stop. I doesn't take long before i'll get bored of my closet.. And I think I found the reason
I don't look like a model and when they are my inspiration, and rolemodell it's kind of hard to be satisfied.

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