My boyfriend just left for Bergen, again(...) and I already miss him. But I still have friends to take care of, so Ciao:) -I'll post pictures of my day later, it has been a great day.

Todays Olsen

I love the colour of MK's cardigan, and the combination of gray and orange(nailpolish.) In the second picture, I really like the shoes, and I need flats for the fall!
Source: Olsensanonymous

Girls on Cafè


My girls -Hanne<3


Vi mennesker er "skadedyr"

kva er det som får oss mennesker til og tru at vi kan gjere kva enn vi vil med andre levande individ? Vi tar oss til rette og tester kosmetikk på dyr og lager klær av dyr på heilt uetiske måter! Sjå denne filmen og sei ka du meinar!

What is it that makes us humans think that we are superiour and can do whatever we want to animals? We are testing cosmetics on animals, and taking their fuhr to walk around in warm fuhr coats and it's wrong, very wrong. Watch this movie and make a comment, what do you think of this? This is in Norway, and we should be ashamed selves.

Source: Mariel og youtube


Natalia Vodianova

I chose to mix all these pictures of Natalia and put them in the same post because I like that the pictures shows us different sides of her. She is funny in some, pure in one, mysterious in those from the Karl Lagerfield shoot, very bond girl in some from an earlier vogue shoot etc. I will edit the actuall sources later tonight, now I have to run. I am going to see the movie Bruno at the cinema with my friends( Yes, we are late in Norway..)
I felt guilty for not posting news so I had to make a quicky!


Topshop i Norge

Topshop har besluttet å opne butikk i Norge som sannsynligvis vil komme i 2010. Dette er da avhengig av om de finner riktige lokaler i tide. De satser på et lokale i Karl Johan området, og vil gjerne få opnet den første butikken rett over nyttår.Topshop vil seinare satse i Bergen, Trondheim og Stavanger om mulig.
Topshop has decided to open a flagshipstore in Norway in 2010. Located in Oslo, hopefully in Karl Johan or nearby.
Source: Min mote


Dagens "outfit"
Sko/shoes: Din sko
veske/Bag: Zara
Treggings: Only
Tanks: Topshop
Ugle/Owl Ring: London

Christopher Kane for TOPSHOP

News has landed on planet Anniken(..)

Christopher Kane has launched a collection for Topshop Fall 09, YES this fall! If you have been waiting for the opportunity to wear Kane, now is the chance(for us without big numbers($.$)
Christopher Kane har lansert en kolleksjon for Topshop denne høsten. Så om du har venta på en sjangse til å få gå med Kane, så har du muligheten no uten å måtte være stinn i gryn.
Link; Topshop



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Day Birger et Mikkelsen genser, fra Nelly til 1849,-

Day Birger et Mikkelse sweater from Nelly Nok 1849,-
Denne er noko av det eg kunne tenkt meg og vandra rundt i til vinteren(..)

The hardest part

Tenk deg Live


I found this when I was looking for Inspiration the other day.

In the 1#Photo I really like the vintage bag, and the combination between the Cardigan and the dress, it looks casual and clean. In the 2#photo I like the Shirt/dress which makes the picture, and I love that there are no sleves. Perfect summer outfit.

Trenger eg ta alt på Norsk?

Kjøpe, kjøpe, kjøpe!

SportsTights; H&M
Jeans; Voice of E

arg, this picture won't stay the right way, I think its to big.
anyway; Pillows IKEA

Nike; Bad picture, but you'll see it on later.

T-shirt from Nike
bed sheets; IKEA
My new pillows are looking good in my room, don't they?

Nye kjøp fra Bergensturen.
New buys from my trip to Bergen. I also bought shoes!



I'm sorry for my lack of updates, but I've been and still are in Bergen with my friends and boyfriend. Yesterday we went to the Coldplay concert which by the way was awesome! Coldplays music is just brilliant, and Chris M is so clever on the piano. The weather also was great yesterday, even here in Bergen:D

Now,I'm sitting in my boyfriend(and Tom&Jonas) apartment writing to you guys, but I acctually things this is the end.. Bbbut, I will show you some new shoes and clothes when I get home and are having my USB cabel.



God save the queen

Old shoot with Kate Moss


Sam Edelman Boots ( to expensive for me, but I can still adore them)

-Ka syntes du/ what do you think?